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The use of endoscopy allows us to see into small or awkward places that would have otherwise been very difficult to impossible to examine.  2 examples of this are otoscopy (ear) and rhinoscopy (nose).  While more advanced diagnostics are sometimes needed for these locations (CT, MRI, etc.), the use of endoscopy may be of help.  

Potential Reasons for Rhinoscopy:


  • Recurrent or chronic nasal discharge

  • Bleeding from the nose

  • Examine for foreign bodies or tumors

Potential Reasons for Otoscopy:


  • Recurrent or chronic ear infections

  • To examine the tympanic membrane (ear drum) for possible damage

  • Examine for tumors, polyps, or other objects deep in the ear canal

Normal Eardrum
Ear Polyp
Normal Eardrum
Example of an ear polyp in a cat
rhinoscopy, veterinary, dogs, cats, pets
rhinoscopy, veterinary, pets, dogs, cats, fungal
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