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About Me

My goal is to increase awareness of the benefits of minimally invasive procedures and make them much more accessible to colleagues and their clients. 

     Surgery and pain management have always been interests of mine.  My first exposure to minimally invasive surgery in veterinary medicine was in 2008 when I attended a series of lectures at one of the major conferences.  I was immediately hooked!  After researching for myself I was convinced that we could be performing less painful, less invasive surgeries on our patients on a daily basis.  In 2010 I began performing laparoscopic spays, gastropexies, cryptorchid neuters and liver biopsies on dogs and cats in a general practice setting, and the response was tremendously positive.  Clients loved that their pets were receiving cutting edge care and recovering so quickly from their surgeries.  Staff members and colleagues were amazed at how comfortable spays were, and how they walked out of the clinic at the end of the day like nothing had happened.  In fact, the hospital was so committed to minimally invasive surgery that our client compliance rate was almost 100% shortly after we started offering this option. 


     At the beginning of 2015, I began to wonder if there was some way to raise awareness of the benefits of minimally invasive surgeries to both colleagues as well as a wider range of clients.  The obvious solution was to start bringing minimally invave procedures to veterinary clinics with a demand.  By bringing these procedures to veterinarians more animals will receive the benefit of less painful surgery.


     By working together, I hope to improve the lives of pets as well as help veterinarians grow their practices to their utmost potential.  Please feel free to browse the information sections to see how minimally invasive procedures can benefit both the animals you treat on a daily basis, as well as your practice.


I live inToronto with my wife (who also happens to be a vet), our Boxer Sawyer, and our cat Griffey.  I enjoy playing baseball and golf, spending time up at the cottage, and recently started playing the guitar (with varying levels of success!!).


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